Things to do in autumn in Iwamura

Okay maybe it is more about “things to do in Japan” thing but in our case you can enjoy the real rural and natural perspective of those recommended things.

Season of the fruits

Really close to our guesthouse you enjoy grapes directly in the farmer plantation. In Japan, they call this “budogari” and you generally pay a fee and stay there to eat as much as you want. Note that Japanese tend to avoid eating the skin of the fruits, if the fruits are not treated there is no problem.


As you can see there are also apples – nice and juicy Fuji apples – and the Japanese pear, nashi.  The plantation where you can enjoy them is a little bit farther as you must pass by the grapes yard and walk a little bit more. I will say 30 min from the house. For both locations : get down, take Agi direction, climb the slope, get left and keep on walking on the road. Take care there are sometimes wildboars and small bears around – if you make noise there will be no problem, use the bells that you can find at the Home Center.

Chestnuts can also be purchased or found on the roads around, but if you like them just try the local (a little bit expensive) pastry specialty only found during the chestnut season, the famous kurikinton (a link to a maker down to Ena, close to Enakyo).

Contemplating the colors of the autumn

Around Iwamura mountains and hills turn red and orange before the rest of Japan, the paddy fields are harvested – so the scents are very special. The colors of “momiji” are very nice, and you can enjoy them in various spots like on the banks of Enakyo. Personally, I prefer hiking for that : Mt Ena and the near Mt Mistumori have nice forest even if the later contains a lot of hinoki or sugi that are evergreen. You can also enjoy a nice cycling tour to get the whole picture at your pace, check Nenoue (Né no ué) Highs – about 15-20 min by car – and the Tono Cycling Tour (Tono is for Higashi Mino or East Mino, Mino was the historical region before Gifu and its fusion with the Hida region).

Some places offer the possibility to share a moment in the fields during the paddy fields harvest (from September to beginning/mid October). The harvest best moment is the Ena Minojiminori Matsuri late September.

The temperature are now below +10 to +15 degrees in the morning, so if you plan to stay with us do not forget some warm clothes !









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