How to book

Booking Guide

1. By phone


Working hours:10:00-20:00
Note that is Japan time – so be careful. We accept booking for the same day only until 8 pm.

It is possible that we cannot answer to your request, in advance sorry.

2. By Email

Once we receive your mail and you get the answer, please confirm your booking in 24h. After this time, we cannot assure that we will be able to accept your reservation. You can also confirm by phone.

Requested information
Phone number (ideally GSM):
Day of arrival:
Day of departure:
Number of people:Males /Females, Couples (double bed), children (no special price)
Parking:motorbike(free)or car(free) *note that we have a limited space
Checking time(between 14:00 and 20:00):

3. Booking form

4. Airbnb



We do not serve meals but as we are located in countryside – shops and restaurants are not so close – we can serve some food depending on the number of people you are and the timing.
Breakfast: 500 Yens
Dinner: 1000 Yens
Please advise us 2 days before.
Four your laundry, you can go to the nearest coin laundry or do it at our guesthouse for 300 Yens. Note that you will dry your clothes by yourself (no dryer anyway).