Winter : ゲストハウスとみだ周辺の冬のイベント

(English follows) 寒くなってきました・・・恵那・中津川を含め、この辺りは雪はあまり降らないのですが、寒さは厳しいですね。


さて、後報告になってしまいますが、ゲストハウスとみだ周辺の冬のイベントとしては、11月に茅の宿さんの屋根の葺き替えがありました。 続きを読む


Thanks to our visitors from Thailand !

A group of 5 nice Thais came to visit Japan this month and especially our mountainous region of Gifu, full of wild cherry blossoms. Their stay of 3 days in our Guesthouse Tomida in Iwamura (Ena City, Gifu, Japan) was very peaceful. They really enjoyed the old city of Iwamura and ate soba at “Yui” restaurant. They also spent some time walking in the surroundings, to feel the heart of Japan and its paddy fields scenery, its traditional thatched roof house, “Kaya no Yado”. Around here, they met the Japanese calligraphy shodô Master, Mr. Kamiya and his old house “Kamiyake” (400 years old house that was moved from the upper village as a gift for marriage).  At Kamiyake they enjoyed the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, chadô, performed by Mr. Kamiya. We hope that our Thai guests spent a really nice time in our place and in Japan. See you soon !

Our 5 guests from Thailand in Iwamura Japan

Our 5 guests from Thailand