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Guesthouse Tomida, a Guesthouse in the Heart of Japan

Guesthouse Tomida is happy to welcome you in our warm and calm modern house ! If you need a good rest in one of the best place of Japan, here you go ! If you do not know where to stay in Japan or where to go in Japan or in the region, just ask us !

Located at the feet of the Southern Alps, Iwamura is also the home of the highest mountainous castle of Japan (721m). More about the castl and its legacy here.
The old town that lies at the bottom of the castle is full of history and still displays the atmosphere of the ancient Japan. There, you can also enjoy some special dishes, as the Castella – a cake known from the first Portuguese encounters – , Kankaramochi (sweet rice specialty with sesam and red soybean paste), Goheimochi (sweet and salty rice specialty), Kurikinton (chestnut specialty), Hebo or Inago (insects prepared with soy sauce and sugar). Of course, the Lady of the Castle sake (rice wine) is one the leader of this very special gastronomy that highlights the Gifu countryside traditional life far from the sea, forgiven after the destruction of the castle of the Meiji Area, in a quite rude climate.

One of the most beautiful aspect, besides the old stones of the village and the castle, is the unique countryside of Iwamura’s paddy-fields. The view of Tomida ward is known in Japan as the First Traditional Japanese Agricultural Scenery of all Japan. There lies the secret of the delicate tasty Japanese rice that is served in your chawan at our Guesthouse Tomida.

Inhabitants in Iwamura, and the other village around like Akechi, Kujihara, Agi, Yamaoka are very kind and pretty much friendly that those in the big cities. Really ! So kind that it is also difficult to leave them when the time comes to go back. And there are always some events around to meet them.

Surroundings natural spots must be seen too : sportswomen and sportsmen, or dynamic people, can enjoy delicious hiking in the mountainous forest, such the closest Mt. Mitsumori (1100 m), Mt. Ena (2191 m) or the bigger and balder Mt. Ontake (3067 m) with nice lakes on the path to the top. More adventurous people should try the rock-climbing spot in Kasagiyama and then have good rest at the hot springs spots around Hirugawa rich in radium. During winter you can enjoy the snow and go skiing to Okaya, 45-50 min by car from our house. The Kiso Valley is very close : the Enakyo (Ena Cliffs) are a good example of the Kiso River scenery.

After enjoying your stay, you will truly understand why Japanese people love to come in Iwamura to rediscover the heart of Japan : culture, history, traditional countryside, meeting people and nature.

We are quite sure that you will love your journey there and the way of life in the Eastern Mino (Tôno).

We are waiting you at Guesthouse Tomida.

Prices :

3300 Yens / night / person (from November to March)
3000 Yens / night / person (from April to October)

Included : sheets, towels, shower, cooking space, TV, Internet

Prices Do Not Include :

Dinner : 1000 Yens (please book the day before)
Take-out available (add 100 Yens on the order for the delivery)
Breakfast : 500 Yens (please book the day before)
Laundry: 300 Yens / laundry

Access :

Pick up possible before 8 pm. Only in Iwamura.

Map : Tomida, Iwamura cho, Ena shi, Gifu ken

By train:

From Chubu International Airport take trains until Kanayama(金山) Station or Nagoya(名古屋) Station. Then take the JR Chuo Line to Ena Station.
Finally take the Akechi Line and stop to Iibama(飯羽間).
There by walk – or we can pick you up – down from the platform, take left (do not cross the rails on the right), walk about 25 min direction to Iwamura Dam. We can also pick you up there.

Here the timetable for the train (check the kanji above to get the station – good for 2016) :

during weekdays

during week-end

gare de tomida sur Akechi Line tomida station akechi line iwamura ena

Here you get off the train !

By car:

In Ena on the 29 Road take the direction to Iwamura, the road 257 to Agigawa Dam. After the second tunnel, and at the corner of the Seven Eleven convenience store, left. There you let the Iibama Station on your left side. Keep straight until Keinan Kurin (ケイナンクリーン), at the stop cross the road 363, after 100-200 m you will see a small yellow/orange house with a green roof on your right, here you arrive. Turn right on the small road and come to knock the door of the main house.

By bus:

From any big cities connected, take the Highway Bus to Nakatsugawa (if you come from Tokyo) or Ena (if you come from Nagoya or from lines that pass by Nagoya).
Then head for Iwamura by train.

We are waiting for your visit ! (Note: Keiko can only speak a little English, Yuka her daughter French, Yuka’s husband French and English, so if you can not speak a word of Japanese, please contact us by email before anything else !)

To book :

You can contact us by our booking page (same conditions as airbnb) or through our Guesthouse Tomida’s AirBnB page.
Of course if we can avoid Airbnb it is good as we do not have to let some fees on the road (Airbnb + Paypal fees…), but for people abroad it can be a convenient tool for booking. If you book directly, you will have to pay a deposit and cancellation policy is the same that airbnb. We accept Paypal.


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